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Welcome to the Choir on the Hill

The Choir on the Hill is a Womens' community choir welcoming female singers of all abilities.  No singing experience is necessary and you don't have to read music.  Just come, sing and eat cake in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

We rehearse on a Thursday between 1915 and 2045  and right now we're trialling the Paxton Centre as a rehearsal space (52 Anerley Hill, SE19 2AE) before deciding on a permanent home.

We sing accessible and popular music in a fun and informal setting - part choir rehearsal and part workshop where we explore the music and talk about singing technique and how to be a better singer.

But I can't sing!

Yes you can - if you've ever opened your mouth and made a noise in the shower then you can sing.  Our sessions will be about enjoying yourself, singing better and making new friends.

OK... But I can't read music

This is all about helping people to sing - we will learn things by ear.

OK, I'm listening.  What music will we sing?

All sorts, and it really will be guided by the choir.  Suggestions always very welcome!  But expect lots of beautiful pop and folk tunes.


there is no commitment beyond your four rehearsals, no contracts, no notice required to finish attending.

Do we get to sing to people?

Why yes, yes you do!  Once we have settled in as a choir we will (collectively) make the decision to start singing to others both at the Halls and as part of the new Two Lions Arts Festival in Summer 2019.

Why haven't you answered all my questions!?

Sorry!  If you have any more questions please email us below: