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Please note, all costs are a guide as every project has specific requirements

Typical Costs:

Hire of Studio and AV Room (joint booking required for recording): £23 p/h

Discounts available for bookings over 5 hours

Engineer Fee: £50 per hour

Maximum recording time of 6 hours per day, split into two three-hour sessions.

After discussion about your project, if you require an additional producer for your session, the costs will be calculated on application.

Typical Costs:


£300 day rate (plus relevant expenses) for principal engineer

£175 day rate (plus relevant expenses) for each additional camera operator

1 day required for archiving and indexing footage post session, payable at £175

Notes on selection:

For fixed camera work, one engineer is sufficient.

For moving camera work in a recording session where multiple takes are expected, the engineer and an additional operator may be sufficient depending on needs.

For live events involving camera work where all cameras need to be operated, we can provide up to 5 camera angles (one operated by principal engineer, and four additional operators). 

Audio Recording:

£300 per day for engineer (plus relevant expenses)

£500 per day for producer, if required (plus relevant expenses)


Prices on application, depending on requirements of the project, but some prices below offer a guide:

Editing price: £300 per day

If audio requires mastering, preparation for upload to Apple Music, or creation of a CD: £400

Thank you for your enquiry - we will be in touch to discuss your project very soon.

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