South London Music Teachers' Network


Quite simply, the South London Music Teachers' Network is a database of music teachers in South London.  It allows service users of Community Music Services at the Studio Falkland Lodge to access additional teaching and advice, it also allows us to communicate and consult with teachers and experts in their fields in the local area.


Our community services are growing, and as they do more people are visiting our website and we frequently have requests for specific teaching services and guidance.  Signing up to our network puts your details in the hands of those people, and for free.


We believe that every decision we make and every service we offer should benefit everyone.  There is no catch!  Our services are designed not only to enhance the participant's enjoyment, but also enforce the benefits of making music together, meaning (of course) they are all the more likely to continue learning with individual teachers!  So we would like to keep you notified of what we are doing, and would value feedback, we would also be grateful if you could encourage relevant students to take part in our sessions. 


This network also allows us to call upon people who might be interested in paid opportunities to lead sessions etc for us in the future.


Please note - any information you give here will be available to view publicly.  To remove yourself or change details in the future, simply email