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Chris has conducted throughout the UK and Europe, and now divides his time between production and conducting.

As an engineer and videographer he has worked with many of the country's top artists and ensembles and is the principal videographer for Convivium Records.  He focusses on telling the artist's story, and aims to create a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere in which they can create their very best.



George Arthur Richford is a  multi-award-winning musician based in Hampshire, UK who has worked with the likes of Sir Thomas Allen, Graeme Danby, Joelle Harvey, Sarah Fox, Robert Murray, Raphaela Papadakis, James Newby, The Chamber Orchestra of Europe, The London Mozart Players, Durham and Edinburgh Cathedral Choirs, The Choir of Royal Holloway with Rupert Gough and has directed across Europe and America. He is published by Universal Editions, Vienna and has produced for recordings and broadcasts with Convivium Records and the BBC.

As a producer, George has worked with Convivium Records and the BBC on numerous recordings and broadcasts. Recent projects have included producing for Rupert Gough and the Choir of Royal Holloway, singer Jamie W. Hall and Paul Plummer, The London Mozart Players and Southern Sinfornia, soprano Sarah Fox and tenor Robert Murray, the Ivory Duo Piano Ensemble and Jeremy Dibble and the choir of Durham University amongst others. He brings the ears of a composer and the diplomacy of a conductor to bear on producing sessions which are focussed, without unnecessary stress and that promote excellence above all else. He has worked alongside Adaq Khan, Ronan Phelan, Stephen Shipley.

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