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Thank you for choosing Studio Falkland Lodge!


Here are just a few pieces of information you need to know:


  1. You visit Falkland Lodge as our guest; you are expressly hiring our equipment or services, not the space.  This means that we cannot accept bookings where our equipment or services are not being used.  Examples of bookings we cannot accept include using the spaces as meeting space or office space.

  2. Cancellation - cancellation or rescheduling of bookings or services will be allowed up to 48 hours prior.  After this we will not be able to offer refund as it is extremely unlikely we would be able to hire the space again on this notice.

  3. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all time.

  4. As our guest, you enter our spaces entirely at your own risk

  5. Please no liquid other than water to be placed near the pianos.  Please report any accidents immediately as they may well limit the damage if acted upon quickly.  Please note, any damage in breach of this will be charged to the hirer.

  6. Please ensure that all all electrical settings are returned to where they were when you arrived, and that all heaters and humidifiers are switched back to the settings they were set to when you entered the building.  This ensures the pianos are kept in tune.


The Studio Door Must Remain Closed at All Times


Please shut the door immediately upon entry and do not leave open even for a short time.


The expensive grand piano in this room is very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.  Leaving the door or windows open during winter even for a short time will result in the piano falling out of tune or, worse, damage to the instrument.   It costs at least £100 to tune the piano in this room and if we have to do so excessively over the winter period, we will have no choice but to pass those costs on.


Studio users who regularly forget this will, regretfully, be asked not to book again as it creates huge inconvenience not only for the studio but for other users.



We understand entirely that ventilation is an important safety concern for some users.  Please note the above requirement does NOT apply to the AV room, where you are welcome to ventilate the room over the winter using the doors and windows as you wish, please consider booking the AV room if you require additional ventilation.

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